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Mission Statement

DRI International, as a premier organization in the realm of business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery (DR), champions a robust mission encapsulating resilience, education, global impact, and continuous advancement. At its core, the DRI mission statement revolves around fortifying individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide against the ever-present threat of disruptions.

With a commitment to fostering resilience, DRI International's foremost objective is to cultivate a culture of preparedness. They strive to instill a proactive mindset, emphasizing the importance of anticipating, mitigating, and swiftly recovering from disruptive incidents. This emphasis on resilience serves as a cornerstone in enabling entities to not just survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

Central to their mission is the aspect of education and certification. DRI International stands dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training programs, equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills, and certifications essential to effectively navigate the complexities of BCM and DR. By offering a diverse range of courses, resources, and certifications, they empower individuals to become catalysts for resilience within their organizations.

Moreover, the organization operates with a global perspective, aiming to make a significant impact on a worldwide scale. DRI International recognizes that disruptions know no boundaries, and their mission extends to communities and industries across the globe. Through the dissemination of best practices, the establishment of international standards, and the cultivation of a global network of professionals, they strive to create a cohesive and resilient international community.

Continuous improvement remains a fundamental aspect of the DRI mission. The organization is committed to staying at the forefront of the BCM and DR disciplines, adapting to emerging threats, evolving technologies, and innovative methodologies. By embracing ongoing refinement and advancement, they ensure that their offerings remain relevant, effective, and responsive to the dynamic landscape of risks and disruptions.

In essence, DRI International's mission statement embodies a multi-faceted commitment: to fortify resilience, provide education and certification, have a global impact, and pursue continuous improvement. Through this holistic approach, they endeavor to empower individuals and organizations, arming them with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary to proactively address disruptions and build a more resilient future for all.