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Ethics Statement

DRI International, as a leading authority in business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery (DR), holds ethics and integrity as foundational pillars guiding its operations, interactions, and impact within the professional community. The organization's ethics statement reflects its commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct, professionalism, and responsibility.

Central to DRI's ethical framework is the principle of integrity. The organization staunchly adheres to honesty, transparency, and accountability in all its endeavors. DRI International and its members conduct themselves with unwavering integrity, ensuring that their actions and decisions align with ethical norms and professional standards.

Respect serves as another cornerstone of DRI's ethics statement. The organization fosters an environment where diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect thrive. DRI International values and honors the contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that a collaborative and respectful environment cultivates innovation, creativity, and progress within the BCM and DR community.

Furthermore, DRI International places paramount importance on confidentiality and discretion. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the information and challenges handled within the BCM and DR realms, the organization upholds strict confidentiality standards. Members are entrusted with safeguarding confidential information and respecting the privacy of individuals and organizations they engage with during their professional practice.

Ethical behavior extends beyond individual conduct to encompass the impact on society and the environment. DRI International encourages its members to consider the broader implications of their actions on communities and the planet. Embracing social responsibility, the organization advocates for practices that contribute positively to society while minimizing adverse effects on the environment.

DRI's ethics statement emphasizes compliance with legal requirements and regulations governing BCM and DR practices. Members are expected to conduct their professional activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, demonstrating a commitment to lawful and ethical conduct in their roles.

Professional competence and continuous learning represent integral facets of DRI's ethical framework. The organization encourages its members to pursue ongoing education, training, and professional development to enhance their knowledge and skills continually. By staying abreast of industry developments and best practices, professionals within the DRI community ensure they provide the highest level of service and expertise.

Ultimately, DRI International's ethics statement embodies a commitment to integrity, respect, confidentiality, social responsibility, legal compliance, professional competence, and continuous improvement. By adhering to these ethical principles, DRI and its members not only uphold the reputation and credibility of the organization but also contribute to the advancement and ethical practice of BCM and DR on a global scale.