DRI Switzerland

DRI International (Disaster Recovery Institute International) is the oldest and largest educational and certification organization specialized in Business Continuity Management.


DRI Switzerland was established in 2017 as DRI International’s (www.drii.org) affiliate in Central Europe. Our aim is to promote Business Continuity Management awareness and competencies among companies and individuals in the region.


DRI Switzerland is its licensed affiliate and aims to promote Business Continuity Management awareness and competencies among companies and individuals in Switzerland & Liechtenstein. We support professionals and organizations with training and certification programs that are recognized within the business continuity/disaster recovery industry.


Our courses are taught by DRI Certified Instructors coming from the business continuity/disaster recovery industry having vast hands-on experience.

All courses and examinations are implemented according to DRI standards and with the guidance and support of DRI International. 

Makes perfect sense

DRI approach and Professional Practices on Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery is based on a very practical and experience based logic, making DRI the most appropriate choice for BCM/DR training

Most appreciated

Having more than 15.000 Certified Professionals worldwide, DRI is the most appreciated Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery training you can get, making it the perfect choice for you and your colleagues

Career rocketing

It is true that during the past 5 years, the demand for highly skilled and certified Business Continuity Professionals has reached new heights, all companies with a serious view on their resiliency practices, demand a certificate for your BCM/DR competency


Our approach and logic is not theoretical or simply academic, but draws from years of practical experience on the field, as our certified professionals are continuously contributing to our training practices, bringing on invaluable new advice


DRI has always been keen on following global trends, so as technology is evolving, we’re incorporating new and modern views on how technology can better serve you as a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery professional

Community supported

Based on the existing and continuously growing pool of more than 15.000 certified professionals worldwide, it’s almost certain that a very experienced Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Professional will be near you to support and show you the ropes

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