RMLE 2000

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Course Description
This 4.5-day course includes 32 hours of instruction and practical exercises followed by the Risk Management Examination. Instructors offer a comprehensive approach to Risk Evaluation and Control delineating the skills, knowledge and procedures needed to effectively perform Risk Management.

Attendees will be instructed on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Risk Models and Processes, Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Methods, Risk and Threat Identification, Vulnerability Analysis, Risk Handling and Management, Prevention and Mitigation, and Monitoring and Reporting.

Successful completion of the Exam, qualifies an individual to subsequently apply for DRI certification. Certification is an additional process, comprised of verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience.

Provide detailed instruction and tools for implementing Risk Evaluation and Control

– Delineates the skills, knowledge and procedures BC professionals need to develop and manage a Business Continuity Risk Management program
– Preparation for the Risk Management Examination       


1.Risk Terminology and Framework – In this lesson you will learn risk management court Rulings and success factors. The framework for risk management roles and responsibilities, risk analysis and communication, establishing risk tolerance levels and measures, and establishing resource requirements will also be presented.
2. Risk Models and Processes – This lesson presents and overview of qualitative and quantitative methods, risk identification, and asset impact analysis.
3. Threat Analysis – In this lesson you will learn how to conduct a vulnerability analysis and the use of risk identification metrics.
4. Monitoring and Reporting – This lesson presents risk aggregation concepts, the Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) formula and the DRI Risk Management Toolbox followed by a comprehensive review for the Risk Management Examination.

Watch video presentation of this course here…

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